Haleakala - Place to see world best sunrise, sunset

You can plan your Haleakala trip in number of ways
You can drive to Haleakala but consider this factor. You should be experienced driver - Halekala is at 10023 feet high. Road has multiple curves. Before you drive to Haleakala, ensure you had plenty of rest.

  • Go early to see Sunrise.

  • This is most popular. As during sunrise you see rays illumanting multiple colors. You should reach there around 4 AM. Check sunrise time. You will be driving in night. Driving in night take even more effort. Take a blanket. It will be very cold. Cary drink, food, hot coffee.
  • Go for sunset
  • You will be driving in evening , but will be returning back in dark. Keep extra cloth, blanket as you will feel cold at 10000 feet high.
  • Go during the day
  • Even if you can't see sunrise or sunset - it is worth going to Haleakala during the day. It won't be crowded. You will enjoy the drive, scenary and on top you will see multiple color rocks
  • Take a bus /van tour
  • Relax , enjoy in van. Experienced driver will drive you and stop at right place. While coming back you will stop for breakfast or dinner - depending on time
  • Van and bike tour
  • A van will take you to top. You see sunrise and then ride back on a bicycle from 10,000 feet high. It is downhill so you can easily do it if you ride bike regularly.

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