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Molokini is a popular tourist destination for snorkeling.
If you are visiting first time and does not know anything - Molokini is like a small island. But no one live there. Till 70 it was used to test bombs. Later it was reserved as tourist destination.
Around Molokini there is beautiful sea life. You can go there by boat and do Snorkerling, Scuba diving.
Molokini is a crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater. It is located in Alalakeiki Channel between the islands of Maui and Kaho?olawe,. It is located at west of Makena State Park and south of Ma?alaea Bay. You will most likely take a boat from Ma?alaea Bay to go to Molokini.
Molokini has an area of 23 acres a diameter of about 0.4 miles , is 161 feet high.
There are multiple boat tour option for going to Molokini
Pay attention to type of boat that match your interest e.g. if you are going with kids you may want to go in bigger boat with covered area. If you like speed - you can take faster boat
There are boat that has glass bottom e.g. Quick Silver. Using this you can see sea life without doing snorkeling. It is good for young kid or for people who do not want to go in water.
  • Quick Silver
  • Boss Frogs
  • Pacific Whales Foundation
  • Pride of Maui
  • Redline Rafting
  • Frogman Charter
  • Four Winds
  • Kai Anela
  • Kai Kanani
  • Others
  • If you go to backside of Molokini - there is high mountain and clear drop around 350 feet. Due to this it provide great scube diving experience for experienced divers - as reef near the rocks is wonderful.
    People come from all over the world to experience Scuba diving at Molokini.
    Front side of Molokini is suitable for snorkeling even for new comers but backside is meant for experience divers. Here you can see many different types of shark, moray eels, many species of tropical fish, manta rays, dolphins, and vibrant reef. Within the crater, search for octopus, moray eels, sharks, and hundreds of exotic fish. You must be a certified scuba diver to dive at Molokini Crater, but if you�re not and would still like to experience it, learn more about snuba diving below.
    Molokin is best place for Snorkeling as water is clear. There is visibility of up to 150 feet. As water is salty it is easy to swim (and chance of drowing are less)
    There are around 250 species of endemic fish and marine life found near Molikini. Here you can see fish types e.g. yellow tang, moorish idol, bluefin trevally, parrot fish, black triggerfish, raccoon butterfly fish etc. If there is jelly fish in area - your trip will be postponed or cancelled.

    As everyday lot of visiter come here , marine life has become used to tourist. The waters within Molokini Crater are better protected from swell and currents than the shore of Maui.
    Snuba is similar to Scuba diving. In Scuba diving there is tank on your back that carry oxygen. In a snuba there is floating raft that hold the tank It has a tube that you use for oxygen. Length of ube determine how faryou can go.
    For Scuba diving you need to be certified scuba diver. But you can do Snuba without certified. If you do Snuba - you just need to go thru 20 min lesson and instruction.
    Once you are done with lesson, you will be allowed to go in water. The tube on floating raft will be with you. You will be able go deep into water. The range and depth you go is determined by the length of the tube, which keeps you safer than if it didn�t.
    Snuba is great fun and easy.

    Use this number to know which boats offer snuba at Molokini Crater by calling: (855) 428-6843
    Maui Glass bottom boat is great option to enjoy see lie without snorkeling.
    This is great option or kids , elderly or or those who can't snorkel.
    There are boat or 60 minute, 90 minute tour
    Boats are air conditioned. Everyone get window seat. This is great if you want to relax, see and take photos
    Boat starts rom Lahaina Harbor
    You can see Hawaii state fish "Humuhumunukunukuapua'. 60 min show: Adult ticket cost is 35$, Kids 6-12 are 19$. Kids below 6 year o age are free
    90 min show: Adult ticket cost is 34$, Kids 6-12 are 25$. Kids below 6 year o age are free
    Difference between 60 min and 90 min show is - 90 min show include trip to Turtle town.

    Tel: 808 568-0188
    Submarine in Maui - you can go inside water using atlantisadventures submarine.
    Subamrine goes 100 eet below water.

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