Should you drive or take van for Road to Hana

Should you drive on own for "Road to Hana"?
If you have kid, you must drive on own
Sitting in VAN means 6.30 AM to 9 PM trip. If you want to enjoy and get full experience then VAN tour is good option. The experienced driven can take you around - you enjoy the scenery.
You get a guide, commentry about scenic view, historical places. Van generally has elevated view and you can enjoy more

Road to Hana

Road to hana is 52 miles long scenic driveway inside the Island of Maui. It is one of the main tourist attraction of Maui. Hana Highway is 64.4 miles long and connects highway route 36 and highway route 360. Highway 36 connects Kahului to Haiku-Pauwela and 360 from Haiku-Pauwela to Kalepa Gulch. Road to hana is a twisty , curvy and narrow road full of lush tropical rainforest,waterfalls,hiking trails,cliffs and rugged beaches.It is a mini paradise in itself. Road to Hana has total 617 curves and 59 bridges out of it 46 are one way bridges and numerous blindspots.

One can drive to Road to Hana or take a Tour bus.Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are driving you can go by your own pace and stop whenever you want. And if you are taking the tour you can enjoy the scenic ride and without worrying about driving. If you are driving it is recommended to fill the gas tank and carry food,snacks,drinks and water. Also while driving one has to respect the right of way of the opposite side lane car and let them pass. Since it is a rainforest carry some mosquito repellent as well.

There are many maps available for Road to Hana but its better to get a R2H cd.Its is a guided voice tour in itself which give direction about the highway and all the stopovers.
Road to Hana has plenty of waterfalls,hikes,beaches and activities one can enjoy . All the stopovers in Road to Hana offers a unique ,spectular and mersmerising view which no one an forget in their lifetime.
Road to hana can be done in a single day but one can also stay overnihght to enjoy it more. Road to Hana is also called the Divorce Highway because of the fact that the drive can cause friction in the couples. One thing to keep in mind is start early and return on time before sunset as it is a very twisty and turning drive with very narrow lanes and it becomes risky to drive in the night specially if it is raining. Also if you start early you get to spend more time at the stopovers and there will be less crowd.

Here are some of the top Road to Hana Mile Markers :

Before reaching Hana Highway from Kahului on route 36 the last town you will visit will be Paia Town. Here one can explore the town shop, eat food buy snacks,drink or fill the gas tank.
From Paia to Waianapanapa there will be many waterfalls and sights .
Tavares Beach also called Blue tile house beach , Kuau Cove also called Mama's Beach and Ho'okipa Beach PArk- World renowned beach for surferes ,famous for its dramatic surf.

Mile Marker # 2 : Twin falls : Parking and a fruit stand.Short hike to the water fall/twin fall.

Mile Marker # 3.5 : Kaulanapueo Church: A historic Church built in 1853.

Mile Marker # 4.5 : Huelo Lookout: Stop with great views and a fruit stand popular for its banana bread and smoothies.

Na'li'ili-Haele Stream & Waterfalls: A bamboo forest with three waterfalls.Short and slippery hikes to waterfalls

Mile Marker # 9 Ho'okipa Beach Park: World renowned white sand beach famous for its dramatic Surfs and a paradise for surfers.

Mile Marker # 9.9 Waikamoi Stream & Waterfalls :Two beautiful waterfalls

Mile Marker # 9.5 Waikamoi Ridge Trail :A nature's trail, highly maintained, good for both hikers and non-hikers. There are also some benched to sit and provision for bbq.

Mile Marker # 10.2 : Ka Haku Smoke Shack : A Food hut for having lunch or a small snack.

Mile Marker # 10.6 Garden of Eden: Arboretums and lookout waterfalls,Parking and Fruit stand.

Mile Marker # 10 8/10 :Puohokamoa Falls :Dramatic waterfall flow.The access trail is steep so be cautious while hiking.

Mile Marker: # 11.5: Haipua`ena Falls : A small pool easily accessible, and a waterfall.

Mile Marker: # 12.2 Kaumahina state wayside park: Restrooms, and a scenic views of Keā€™anae Peninsula

Mile Marker: # 14 Honomanu bay : A Rocky beach with panaromic views.

Mile Marker: # 16 Ke'anae peninsula & Arboretum #16 : An Arboretum and an old village with rough lava rocks along the coast.

Mile Marker # 16.8 : Ching's Pond : A very nice and photogenic pool , 25 feet drop dive , not recommended for diving.

Mile Marker # 17.5 : Halfway to Hana : a 30 year old snack/lunch shop famous for its banana bread and coconut snacks. Also have an ATM. The stop is best for eating lunch or take a restroom break or strech your legs.

Mile Marker # 18.8 : Wailua valley state wayside : Climb the steps to the stunning view of Wailua Valley. Go for Wailua & Ke'anae Valley Hike which is only half an hour hike and also it is the Mile Marker: #21.2: The hike is steep with stunning views of the valley , lush waterfalls tropical rainforest with lots of fruits and flowers.

Mile Marker # 19: Upper Waikani falls: Also called the Three Bears falls .These are gorgeous three set of falls located on the roadside. You can just drive by and click the picture or park and hike down the trail to swim in the falls. Be careful it can be slippery sometimes.

Mile Marker # 22.5 : Pua'aKa'a Park & falls : Restroom break or strech your legs. This stop also have covered benches to relax or to eat your snack/food. There is also a small waterfall with plunge pool,one has to hike to reach that waterfall.

Mile Marker # 23.6 Nemo falls: Hike the Ko'olau Forest Reserve towards the Stunning photogenic waterfalls ,good for swimming. But one has to take permission from EMI to access it and be careful when Flash flood warning is issued.

Mile Marker # Hanawai falls : A 30 ft Waterfall surrounded by lush rainforest ,which doesn't need hiking to reach.

Nahiku Marketplace: A mini marketplace with shops to eat,drink,,buy local Hawaiian gifts, souvenir. A must see, easy to locate,it is just before mile marker 29 before Hana Town.

Mile Marker # 31 : Hana lava tube-One of the favourite stop is the Lava tube.This underground cave made from Lava is fun to explore! Its 40 minutes self explorable walk located just on the right side of the road and one can miss it easily so keep an eye for the Mile marker 31 or Hana Lava tube Visitor center.

Mile Marker # 31.1: Kahanu Garden & Pi'ilanihale Heiau: Kahanu is a tropical botanical Garden dispalying local hawaiian and polynesian plants. All the people who has interest in tropical plants would love this place.The garden also have the largets polynesian heiau(temple).The garden and the Heiau explains Maui's history and the importance of Heiau .

Mile Marker # 32 : Wai'anapanapa State Park and Black Sand Beach(Pa'iloa Beach) :A must see stop, famous for its blowholes,black shiny sand and rugged lava rock. The 122 acre state park also features Ke Ala Loa O Maui/Piilani Trail campinf,hiking,lodging,beach are some of the activities one can do.

Mile Marker # 34 Hana town: If you have made it here then Congrats!! Histotical Hana town is located along the Maui's rugged coastline . The famous Travaasa Resort is alos located in the town so is famous Hana Bay aand Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach.

Hamoa Beach: Next stop after Hana town is Hamoa beach a crescent shaped beach encircled by cliffs. Hamoa is popular for its surf break.Sunbathing, Snorkelling, Bodysurfing and boogie boarding are some of the popular activities done on the beach.

Mile Marker: # 44.8: Wailua Falls: Featuring a waterfall and a plunge pool, Wailua falls are easy to locate its just along the roadide. It is the most photograpged falls in Maui.There is ample parking facility and mostly everyone stop here including the tour vans.

'Ohe'o Gulch , Kipahulu: It is also called Seven Sacred pool,these are picturesque set of waterfall and a plunge pool. It is always crowded as it is one of the top stopovers on the hana highway.Also sometimes the access to the pool is closed during rainy season. The famous Pipiwai Trail & Waimoku Falls are also located near the landmark.

Kaupo Gap/ Backside of Haleakala: Some people turn back from the hana town but the others keep on driving towards Kaupo Gap .It is the also called the Backside of Haleakala.Sunsetlooks very beautiful from here and is worth watching. .

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