Hanauma - Places to see at Oahu

Hanauma bay is famous for Snorkeling. You can see wonderful see life even in 4-5 feet of deep water. Whether you are a beginner or pro you can enjoy snorkeling at Hanauma bay.
Here you can swim above the coral rocks.
You can bring your own snorkeling gear or rent on beach.

What kind of fishes you can see at Hanauma Bay

At Hanauma bay you can see Humuhumunukunukuapuaa (the state fish of Hawaii) milletseed butterfly fish, yellow tangs, trumpet fish, angel fish, turtles.
Here you can find green Turtle which is also called Honu.In Hawaiian methology Honu are referred as Aumakua OR "personal family God"
Butterfly fish is Hanauma Bay speciality. It is only found in Hawaii and can be seen in Hanauma Bay.
Turtle remain in shallow water or reef. You are not allowed to touch the Turtles.
You can also see Triggerfish at Hanauma bay. Tiggerfish are always moving.
Yellow Tangs are colorful yellow fish. You can see these in Hanauma water
Similar to Yellow tan there is "Convitc Tang" fish. This is similar to Yellow Tang but less colorful.

Parrotfish live in shallow water and Hanuma Bay beach area is ideal. They are called parrot fish as they are very colorful like parrot. There are 7 varities of Parrotfish. Many restaurants serve Parrotfish as a meal
Surgeonfish has 80 species worlwide. 25 of these species exist in Hawaii. You can see many of these in Hanauma Bay. You can generaly see them near the rock while snorkeling.
Goat fish is other type found here. Goatfish is less colorful but it can change color
There are 80 varieties of Moral Eels are found in Hanauma Bay. These fish generally now visible during day and only come outisde in night. This fish can attack if provoked

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