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South Goa Beaches

South Goa Beaches

Palolem Beach

If I was in the southern state of Karnataka and wanted to find the nearest beach Goa reasonably well known, most likely you’re traveling to Palolem. Palolem is a beach of white sand facing a blue bay between two headlands. The little wooded islands on the northern edge of the look interesting, but never ventured into one of them do not know what landing on them would be like. If you are interested, try to convince one of the fishermen – this is also a fishing beach in Palolem Goa that ferry. Offer to bring the dolphins. Tourists have discovered Palolem and so there are a few shacks selling seafood snacks, souvenirs and clothes of the informal economy, without form, brilliant. Panaji the capital, has more than 70 km from Palolem Goa.

Mabor Beach

The white sand beaches, black lava rocks, beaches south of Benaulim. These beaches are cleaner and quieter than most of the famous beaches of Goa. There are numerous beach shacks offering a variety of seafood dishes and Goa at affordable prices. There are several food joints around Dona Sylvia where you can get the whole package of good food, good drink, friendly service, friendly service and very reasonable rates. There are facilities for Dolphin watching at Betty’s Place as well as boat trips along the river dolphin Sal.
Varca Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the area Varca Beach is located in Benaulim in south Goa. The longest period of unpolluted water Varca Beach is another famous tourist destination in the capital of India beach. A white sand beach with charming views over the nature Varka an ideal haven for couples. With beautiful trees around the serenity of the beach is ideal for Varka dolphins, sunbathing and boating.

Initially, a traditional fishing village of Varca beach houses a number of fishing boats parked on the sparkling sands. Dotted with palm houses of fishermen reminiscent of colonial India Varka.
Colva- Benaulim Beach

Famous for “Dolphin Cruise, Benaulim Beach is the beach to relax on the day and night. Covers palms everywhere, Benaulim Beach is a dream destination for all beach lovers. Exit at Benaulim Beach is about a private matter. candlelit dinners are one of the best ways to spend the night in this range.

Other than the beautiful tranquil Benaulim Beach, Saint-Jean is a major tourist attraction. The church is located on a hill and draws large crowds of travelers. From mid-April, there are several fairs and festivals organized in Benaulim Beach, for example, Beach Bonanza, held every Sunday

Dona Paula Beach

At the point where two rivers meet Goa celebrates the Arabian Sea is the secluded bay of Dona Paula with a beautiful view Marmagao Harbour. 7-km from Panjim, located on the south side of the rocky hammer-shaped tip that divides Zuari and Mandovi estuaries, this former fishing village is now a commercialized resort. It is an idyllic place to relax and sunbathe. Water scootering facilities are also available here.

The official residence of Governor of Goa, Known as Cabo Raj Bhavan is situated at the western tip of Dona Paula. Along the road there is the ruins of the small British military cemetery built at their brief occupation of the Cabo, discourage the French from invading Goa.

Aguada Beach

Aguada beach is situated in North Goa and 4 km from the Sinquerim beach in Goa. Her exotic beauty and unspoiled tropical beach Aguada attracts tourists from around the world and India, as bees are attracted to the new flowers. People in cold regions of the sun’s rays do not reach enough of the flock in India, especially Goa, and its numerous beaches for sunbathing. This is why the beaches of Goa Aguada beach looks so colorful and lively as many visitors from around the world gathered. However, the only attraction of Aguada beach is a historic building at Fort Aguada built in Portugal in the 16th century.

Calangute Beach

The shade of palm trees, bathes the Queen of Beaches-Calangute. Calangute seems to distort the local vernacular parola’Koli Gutti, “which means land of fishermen. Some people are linking Kalyangutti (village of art) or Konvallo-ghott (strong pit of the coconut palm), because the country is full of coconut trees. With the Portuguese word probably has distorted Calangute, and has remained until today. In Green semi-circle, the villages of Arpora-Nagoa, Saligao Candolim and contribute to the effort to enhance the divine beauty of Calangute. It is a agors fascinating (saline) to Agarvaddo, Maddavaddo is full of MADD (coconut trees), Dongorpur skirts, bottle-green stripes on the mound and Tivaivaddo beach. Gauravaddo lived in gaudds or milkmen ran dairies.

Calangute is a snapshot of travelers in the ’60s and early’70s. It was the hippies who discovered the pristine surroundings and blissful serenity and golden sands. Hippies also spread the word around and hordes of European tourists. Decades later, tourists still painfully along dusty roads, weather-beaten looking for that idyllic coastal Goa. On this lovely beach, Goans and tourists spend summers, bathing in the quiet solitude of the sea, sun and sand.

Baga Beach

Among the most popular beaches in India is the Baga beach in Goa. Baga Goa lies 10 km west of Mapusa and really speaking is an extension of Calangute. Baga Goa in India is smaller than the Calangute and Colva beaches on both sides of the same. Baga Goa is the perfect place for those seeking a little peace and quiet after the activity of the other two beaches.

Baga is a fishing beach with brown sand that sees a lot of international tourists sun-bathing in its golden sun, like a forest of palm trees swaying gently in the wind. The river runs along one side of Baga Baga beach Goa offering a good alternative for children and those who are not very safe to swim in the sea at one end of the beach is a group of black rocks against which the sea crashes in dramatic explosion of spray. Baga Goa has grown faster than any other region of Goa. The main road through the Baga village is full of bars, cafés and craft shops tandoori. The relatively recent flea market Saturday from Baga Goa, is a great success and the possibility of much that lasts well into the night, lit up with lights and oil lamps. All kinds of parts, crafts, jewelry and snacks stalls can be found at Baga and a temporary stage built for the visiting local musician.

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach, one of the beaches of Goa, is on the way to Dona Paula, 1 km upstream of the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the River Mandovi. In the shade of palm trees, Miramar Beach is just 3 km from the capital city of Panjim in North Goa. This beach in Goa is popularly known as Gaspar Dias. ”

The word “Miramar” in Portuguese means overlooking the sea because of its good location, the Miramar beach of Goa is ideal for evening walks. The coast stretches over an area of ​​2 km, with a bed of silver sand. Therefore, we have a panoramic view of Fort Aguada in front of the Mandovi River. The best time to visit the beach of Miramar is from November to March. Although the beach is not as popular, but tourists remain in the coastal resort of Goa Marriott Beach can spend some quality time in the Palm shaded area that is very exciting for tourists visiting the beach.

Agonda Beach

If you continue towards Palolem Panaji, the next track is Agonda.It ‘s long and lonely, fringed with palm and Casuarina and dominated by a large hill to the south. It is not safe to swim too far as here on this beach. There are very few facilities available here and you are required to implement all important.

Agonda is a three-kilometer long beautiful cove of white sand, safely secluded in the palms. No tourists, no souvenir stalls, no restaurants, nothing. Only the trees, the beach, beautiful big ocean and you. Also makes a great day and Covelossim Colva. For real adventure, rent a tent and camp for the night, listening to the waves

Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is located in the southern part of Bogmola. It is one of the beautiful beaches of Goa, which lies about 18 kilometers from Dabolim airport. Marjordi Margao Goa beach is connected with excellent road network, including buses, taxis and rickshaws. It is one of the most popular beaches of Goa.

Majorda Beach, Goa has a strong influence on Indian mythology. Legends said that Rama was kidnapped and brought to the Majorda beach in his childhood. He also said that Lord Rama came to the beach in search of his wife, Sita. He is said to have arrived at Cabo de Rama, located in southeastern part of the beach there.

Majorda is also famous for its bakeries and liquor. In addition, tourists can enjoy a variety of seafood on the beach. You can also enjoy steaks and specialty schezhuan Marjorda Beach in Goa. The beach also offers various accommodation facilities for tourists. Tourists come to the beach you can find accommodation in luxury hotels and budget are located on the beach.

Vagator Beach

Located 22 km from state capital Panaji, Vagator beach is a popular beach in Goa. Vagator beach is part of a stretch of 30 km of beach along the west coast of Goa is home to some world-class beaches of Goa like Calangute Beach and Anjuna Beach.

Although the Vagator beach can match the popularity in control of their famous residents, the isolated nature of the beach makes the ideal destination for relaxing holidays in the sun, sand and sea to the company. The confluence of golden sand dotted with black lava rocks and swaying coconut palms and provides an idyllic retreat. The red laterite structure near 500 years of Fort Chapora presents an enchanting setting.

Bagmalo Beach

Imagine a coastline that represents the mood of life. Brushes nature stirring the bright yellow and orange and rust mysterious fire, all blend into a dreamy blue. There are several reasons to plan a vacation trip to Bogmalo Beach, one of the most attractive beaches of Goa. Located just south of the Basque da Gama and surrounded by green hills on three sides, its golden sand and big waves Bogmalo certainly make a different experience. Furthermore, there is a mixture of serenity and merchandising, dotted with natural beauty which happily lost amidst Goa.Not flavor long ago, Bogmalo was just another small fishing village, grouped by a pair of ridges with palm trees at the northern end of Colva bay. You can still see these thatched villages located only in the sand Bogmalo undulating, with a small white chapel bands washed and pigs roam through the garbage.

expensive coffee bars pulsating with Western music have crept into the beach, while nearby streets are roamed by the indefatigable vendors fine craftsmanship of Kashmir.

Anjuna Beach

Its palm trees painted fluorescent and infamous full moon parties in Anjuna, 8 km west of Mapusa, is Goa at its best “alternative.” The designer leather and lycra may have passed in cotton Kaftans, but most people reasons for coming are the same as they were in 1970: dancing and lying on the beach slurping tropical fruit. Browsing the region has a day trip to the famous flea market.

La Playa

One of the main sources of Anjuna enduring popularity as a hippy hang on its beautiful beach. Surrounded by coconut plantations, the curve of white sand is in line closer to the archetypal vision of paradise than any other beach on the north coast. Bathing is generally safer than most stations nearby, including particularly in the quieter end of the south where a rocky headland keeps the calm and the undertow of the sea at a minimum.

North of the road market, expands the range, running in a stretch of miles of uninterrupted sand shelves very low red cliff. The village bus park lies on top of this height, almost a culture of cafes, bars and Kashmiri handicraft stalls. Each afternoon, the tour parties Panjim shoot here for a beer before going home, leaving the army in tatters Western Sun tired to enjoy the sunsets.

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is one of the most enchanting beaches of Goa, which lies 50 km from the capital Panaji. The long stretch of golden sand beach of northern Goa are two main beaches. Although the main beach is the beach Harmal more popular, the other is beautiful can be accessed on foot and surrounded by rocks. Serenity and tranquility Arambol Beach is a favorite among beach lovers of Goa. While the beach does not stay charged on Sunday for residents and tourists flock to this beach to enjoy its breathtaking beauty and engage in beach activities.

Palms, golden sands stretching to the calm and harmony of the Arambol beach which is a must during a trip to Goa, which is the beach capital of India.


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