Places to see in Olympic National Park Washington

Olympic National Park is situated in Washington State on Olympic Peninsula in Pacific Northwest.
It was established in 1938 and covers 922,650 acres of area.
Its spectacular scenery and immaculate condition contributes it to be one of the renowned World Heritage site.
In 1981 UNESCO declared Olympic National Park as one of the World Heritage Site.
Originally the park has four regions and three ecoystem.
The three ecosystem are sub-alpine forest,wildflower meadow,temperate forest and the rugged pacific shores.
The four regions are Pacific Coastline,Alpine Rainforest,Temperate rainforest and the forest of the drier eastside.
The park features everything from splendid beaches, lakes, rivers, to snow covered mountains and lush rainforests .
The park is a paradise for hikers and climbers.
It is a natural treasure and offers limitless resources to scientists and students.
Each year hundreds of visitor come here for adventure,relaxion or to explore.

Places to see in Olympic National Park are:
Hurricane Ridge
Olympic National Forest
Mount Olympus
Crescent lake
Ruby Beach
Rialto Beach
Hoh Rain Forest
Olympic Peninsula loop drive
Quinault Rain Forest
Hood Canal
Shi Shi Beach
Sol Duc Hot spring
Olympic Hot Springs
Ozette Loop Hike
Ozette Lake

How to reach:

The nearest city is Port Angeles . Highway US 101 is the best to reach here.

Address for Olympic Park Visitor Center:
3002 Mount Angeles Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98362
Phone:(360) 565-3130
Open: 9am- 4pm

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