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Tallest Building in World

High Rising Building
RankBuildingHeight in MetersNumber of StoriesPictures...
0Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai); Dubai; UAE828160pictures..
1Taipei 101; Taipei; Taiwan509101pictures..
2Petronas Tower 1; Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia45288pictures..
3Petronas Tower 2; Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia45288pictures..
4Sears Tower; Chicago442110pictures..
5Jin Mao Building; Shanghai 42188pictures..
6Two International Finance Centre; Hong Kong41588pictures..
7CITIC Plaza; Guangzhou; China39180pictures..
8Shun Hing Square; Shenzhen; China38469pictures..
9Empire State Building; New York381102pictures..
10Central Plaza; Hong Kong37478pictures..
11Bank of China; Hong Kong36972pictures..
12Emirates Tower One; Dubai35554pictures..
13Tuntex Sky Tower; Kaohsiung; Taiwan34885pictures..
14Aon Centre; Chicago34680pictures..
15The Center; Hong Kong34673pictures..
16John Hancock Center; Chicago344100pictures..
17Wuhan International Securities Building; Wuhan33168pictures..
18Shimao International Plaza; Shanghai33160pictures..
19Ryugyong Hotel; Pyongyang; N. Korea330105pictures..
20Burj al Arab Hotel; Dubai32160pictures..
21Chrysler Building; New York31977pictures..
22Bank of America Plaza; Atlanta31255pictures..
23U.S. Bank Tower; Los Angeles31073pictures..
24Menara Telekom Headquarters; Kuala Lumpur31055pictures..
25Emirates Tower Two; Dubai30956pictures..
26AT&T Corporate Center; Chicago30760pictures..
27JP Morgan Chase Tower; Houston30575pictures..
28Baiyoke Tower II; Bangkok30485pictures..
29Two Prudential Plaza; Chicago30364pictures..
30Kingdom Centre; Riyadh30241pictures..
31First Canadian Place; Toronto29872pictures..
32Wells Fargo Plaza; Houston29671pictures..
33Landmark Tower; Yokohama; Japan29670pictures..
34311 South Wacker Drive; Chicago29365pictures..
35SEG Plaza; Shenzhen29271pictures..
36American International Building; New York29067pictures..
37Key Tower; Cleveland28957pictures..
38Plaza 66; Shanghai28866pictures..
39One Liberty Place; Philadelphia28861pictures..
40Sunjoy Tomorrow Square; Shanghai28555pictures..
41Bank of America Center; Seattle28476pictures..
42Cheung Kong Center; Hong Kong28363pictures..
43Chongqing World Trade Center; Chongqing28360pictures..
44The Trump Building; New York28371pictures..
45Bank of America Plaza; Dallas28172pictures..
46United Overseas Bank Plaza; Singapore28066pictures..
47Republic Plaza; Singapore28066pictures..
48Overseas Union Bank Centre; Singapore28063pictures..
49Citigroup Center; New York27959pictures..