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Aitutaki is an island tourist attraction, especially in a day or longer trips to Rarotonga. It consists of the main island of deep weathering of basalt, which is surrounded by a large lagoon...

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Atiu almost square in shape, is located north-east of Rarotonga. The third in the Cook Islands, consists of a lot of weathering volcanic central highlands in the form of a low dome on the slopes...

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Mangaia largest southern island of the archipelago and the second has an irregular shape of the circle. The slopes of the central volcanic ridge, are deeply indented by rivers...

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Mangaia the most southerly and the second-largest island in the archipelago, is in the shape of an irregular circle. The lower slopes of the central volcanic ridge are deeply indented by rivers...

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15 Islands  -  Cook Islands


The Cook Islands is located in South Pacific Ocean, north-east of New Zealand.  It is half way between Hawaii and NewZea land. There are 15 islands spread across 2.2 million sq km of ocean.  The land area of these islands is only 240 SQ KM. The islands are  divided into two distinct groups –

·         the Southern Cook Islands

·         the Northern Cook Islands of coral atolls.

All the 15 islands were formed by volcanic activity.  The Northern cook Islands are considered older and consist of siz island and a reef.

 Northern Cook Islands:

1. Manihiki (Te Fuinga o Niva)

2. Nassau (Te Nuku o Ngalewu )

3. Penrhyn Island (Tongareva or Mangarongaro)

4. Pukapuka (Te Ulu o te Watu)

 5. Rakahanga (Tapuahua)

6. Suwarrow also called Suvorov

7. Tema Reef (submerged)

Southern Cook Islands:

 Nga-pu-Toru ("Three Roots", the eastern islands):

1. Atiu (Enua Manu or Island of Birds)

2. Ma'uke (Akatokamanava)

3. Mitiaro (Nukuroa)

4. Takutea

other islands:

1. Aitutaki (Araura Enua)

2. Mangaia (Auau Enua)

3. Rarotonga (Tumutevarovaro), with the capital, Avarua.

4. Palmerston Island (Pamati) sometimes grouped with the Northern Group.

5. Manuae

6. Winslow Reef (submerged)