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Scenic Drive Around Columbia River

A person can decide to take a spontaneous trip down the scenic drive along Colombia River gorge at any time of the year. The experience reminds you of spring regardless of the weather. It is an eighty mile canyon connecting the Colombia River, Cascade Mountain Range and Pacific Ocean. There is a border between Oregon and Washington that is protected by the authorities. If you live within the Washington area then make a point of visiting the area. It is one of the most beautiful places in the entire state.

There are a number of ways that someone can get to this destination but it is easier to follow the following route. Take the I-5 and head towards Portland, take the exit on #7 and join the I-205. Take the exit #27 and divert to Highway 14 east. When you get to Highway 14 you are able to see the picturesque scene as you drive along. After some time the highway splits into two lanes. If you are the one driving you need to keep your eyes on the road since it is narrow and winding. The passengers are able to enjoy the entire journey without any restrictions.

As you look across the river you should be able to see Oregon. There is so much beauty in the rock formations, foliage and waterfalls. These features rival Columbia when it comes to beauty. Further down the path is Bonneville Dam. This area is known for generating hydropower and organizing annual Steelhead trout and salmon runs. There are fish ladders that you can use for viewing purposes. A person can take tours on the dam on their own or in groups. You will not be charged for visiting the viewing areas. It is possible to view the dam from either Oregon or Washington.

 As you drive further down the Highway you will see the Bridge of the Gods. The original Bridge of the Gods was naturally created by a landslip that caused a dam on the river. This bridge has since been replaced with steel one since it washed away with time. There is a lot of folklore about this feature. The current bridge is used to connect the states; you have to pay a toll of one dollar to use it. The highway extends long after the Stevenson and Skamania Lodge.

 If you opt to continue with the drive then you will see more scenic features as you drive along. When you are driving back home it is easier to use the four lane freeway. As you use the freeway you get to see the craggy mountains along Washington’s side. This route has more mileage to cover but it takes an equal amount of time to return to the dam. A person is also able to view the Multnomah Falls as well. If you have time then you can take the trail leading to the top of the falls and take photos from there. This is the kind of drive that someone can take over the weekend since there are plenty of stops along the way.

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