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Pike Place

Pike Place

Pike Place Market is located in downtown Seattle and scenic water views of Elliott Bay.

The market is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. The full market opens at 9 AM daily and closes at 6 PM each day except 5 PM on Sundays. However some merchants may open or close at different times, and many restaurants have extended hours.

 Fresh produce is available from local farmers and craft vendors sell many hand made items. The market has rules that ensures everyone selling crafts is skilled and that they produce high quality work. The Pike Place Fish Market has been featured on TV and receives thousands of daily visitors. Here visitors can purchase salmon, halibut, white fish, crab and much more. The highlight of the visit here is seeing the fishmongers throwing fish a customer has purchased behind the counter.

The Market also features merchants who sell clothing, antiques, collectibles, and art work. Entertainment takes place all year with a wide variety of events. With several levels of shopping, a visitor can spend a lot of time here if they wish. A Market Heritage Tour is offered weekdays for ten or more people.

This is a one hour walking tour that explains the history of the area and interesting facts. These tours must be booked a minimum of two days ahead. Restaurants at Pike Place Market range from very casual to elegant. There is something for everyone, including Greek, French, and other cuisine as well as seafood. Parking is available behind the Market, with prices much more reasonable than is typical for downtown Seattle. The Metro bus system and Transit Link Light Rail station stop close by.

Pike Place Market is one of the top attractions for tourists in downtown Seattle and loved by residents as well. The market is particularly busy on weekends and in the summer time.

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