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Best Places to see

Best Places to see in London


Places to see Description
1. Buckingham Palace You can't go to London and not visit the official London residence of the Queen with its 775 rooms.
2. Tower Bridge This is one of the most renowned bridges in the world and among London's most familiar landmarks.
3. Chatsworth House Great Britain has lots of historical houses, castles, and royal homes and Chatsworth is one of the finest country homes in the country.
4. York Minster Of course, you can find great cathedrals within and around London, but York Minster is one of the best and impressive among them all.
5. Apsley House The stunning and grand home of the 1st Duke of Wellington, the state is also known as Number 1 London.
6. Portmeirion  It is considered as a whimsical and unconventional village in the country.
7. London Eye Being the topmost observation wheel in the world, this is one of London's main attractions.
8. Tower of London This one of the most renowned buildings in the world mostly due to its historical significance like being a royal prison.
9. Royal Museums Greenwich You can visit famous attraction here such as the Queen's House, the biggest maritime museum in the country, and then the Royal Observatory Greenwich.
10. British Museum This world renowned museum features man-made arts around the world from prehistoric artefacts to modern works of arts.
11. Tate Modern  If you are more interested in contemporary artworks, then this museum located along the Thames should be among your top choices.
12. Madame Tussauds Want to meet famous personalities, find them here in the famous clay house of Madame Tussauds.
13. National Gallery It features numerous paintings made by famous painters from the 13th to 19th century in Western Europe.
14. London Movie Tours  Check out all the popular places that famous movies like Harry Potter used.
15. Stonehenge You cannot visit London and not see this famous prehistoric site in the country.
16. Hampton Court Palace This is the renowned resident of King Henry VIII where his six wives lived.
17. Kew Palace This is where King George II lived during his reign.
18. Kensington Palace This was the official London residence of Princess Diana.
19. Big Ben  This world famous clock tower of London is another site that you shouldn't miss.
20. Covent Garden Experience continental Europe here and enjoy great street performances.
21. St. Paul's Cathedral The famous wedding venue of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.
22. Houses of Parliament It's located where the old Westminster Palace previously stands.
23. Westminster Abbey This historical cathedral is where Kings and Queens were crowned since 1066.
24. Picadilly Circus This is one of the best regarded icons in London.
25. Hyde Park  It is regarded as one of the world's best city parks.
Other Famous Parks To Visit  
26. Richmond Park  
27. Regent's Park  
28. Kensington Gardens  
29. Greenwich Park  
30. Bushy Park  
Other Great Historical Houses  
31. Eltham Palace  
32. Fenton House  
33. Kenwood House  
34. Ham House and Garden  
35. Osterley Park and House  
36. Leighton House Museum  
37. The Red House  
38. Sutton House  
39. Spencer House  
40. Leeds Castle  
Other Great Sites To Visit Outside London  
41. Cambridge - An old university locality.  
42. Tunbridge Wells  
43. Windsor Castle  
44. Salisbury Cathedral  
45. Brighton Town  
46. Bath - The famous and beautiful Georgian city  
47. Chester City  
48. Stratford-upon-Avon  
49. The Lake District  
50. York City