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Best Places to see

50 Best Places in Seychelles
written by: shaunguidotti

Victoria's Clock Tower- It is a copy of the "Little Ben" tower in London's Victoria station.

Codevar Craft Center- It is the place where you can buy original and perfect souvenir and gift items.

Botanical Gardens- The place boasts of its giant tortoises and endemic plant species.

Beau Vallon Beach- It is the best place for beach lovers. It is the biggest and the most popular beach in Mahe.

Anse Lazio beach- Tourists may find this place the most beautiful beach in the world for it was awarded as "The most beautiful beach" in year 2004.

Anse Source d'Argent beach- This beach resort is one of the most photographed beaches in the whole world.

Aldabra- Known as the world's largest atoll, it houses 152,000 giant tortoises. Adventure lovers would surely find this place amazing.

Desroches Island- This island is the best for divers.

Dennis Island- It is a place suitable for tourists who loves snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.

Anse Victorin Beach- This beach is located in Fregate Island. According to "London Times", this is the best beach in the world.

Silhouette Island- Nature loving hikers will love this place so as with those who love swimming and snorkeling.

Bird Island- As the name implies, millions of birds come here to nest.

Cousine Island - This island is the shelter for the 5 of the Seychelles' endemic birds.

Veuve Reserve- It protects Black Paradise Flycatcher.

Praslin Ocean Farm- It is a farm where Giant Clams and Black Lip Pearl Oysters are cultivated. These clams produce black pearls.

Vallee de Mai- It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It houses 'Coco de Mer' palm and species of rarest birds on earth.

Ste Anne Marine National Park- It is the best place to explore underwater life.

The National History Museum- It houses the smallest statue of Queen Victoria in the world.

The Courthouse- It remained untouched since Colonial times.

Morne Seychelles National Park- It boasts its savage beauty.

The Vallée de Mai- It is reserve with a green forest where all kinds of fauna can be seen.

Antonio Filippin studio- This is an art gallery for art lovers.

George Camille Gallery- Wonderful artworks are displayed in this gallery.

Le Jardin du Roi- It is also called "The King's Garden".

Natural History Museum- This is one of the good places for tourists to visit especially for those who want to learn about the history of the place.

Bel Air Cemetery- It is known to be the burial site of the giant who once walked in Seychelles.

Dauban Mausoleum- It is mausoleum which was turned into a tourist spot.

Marine National Park- It is the best place for marine life lovers.

La Digue- For people who are looking for a place to relax, then La Digue is a good place to visit.

Mahe Island- It is the biggest island and home to the capital of Seychelles.

Anonyme Island- A little hideaway pretty island with tall palm trees, green vegetation and white sandy beaches.

Cerf Island- This is a lovely island which is good for those who want to have some adventure.

North Island- It houses a research centre that monitors turtles and nurtures indigenous seedlings.

Praslin- It is an exceptional island with thick emerald vegetation and sugar-white beaches.

Round Island- It is a private island with lush tropical vegetation, beaches and coves.

Lemuria Resort- It is one of the beautifully designed beach resort.

Coco & Felicite- Three contrasting islands that will leave you amazed.

'Venn's Town'- It is where a slave school once stood.

'The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception'- Religious tourists would want to add this place to there to-go list.

'Arul Mihu Navasakthi Hindu Temple'- It is a brightly colored temple, a place of worship for Hindus.

Port Launay Marine National Park- The view is just breathtaking for this place.

The Sir Selwyn Clarke Market- Tourists can buy variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, spices and crafts in this place.

Zon Lib- It tells a story of the fight against oppression and injustice.

Granite Boulder on La Digue- It serves as a reminder as to why Seychelles is so unique.

Grand Kaz- It is a traditional 20th century homestead with its own simplicity.

La Bastille- An interesting home who had passed many handlers who each left a mark.

Tom Bower's Studio- It houses three-dimensional works of art.

Domaine de Val des Pres- It amazes visitors with a variety of crafts and a sample traditional Creole cuisine.

L'Union Estat- It boasts of its traditional vanilla and coconut plantation.

Alphonse Island- It is an excellent fly fishing destination.