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Best Places to see

Best Places to see in China

Places to see Description
Great Wall of China Great wall of china is undoubtly the most intresting place to see in China. It is one of wonders of world. The wall was built around 2000 years ago.
Huangguoshu Fall Huangguoshu Fall is known as China's largest waterfall. Tourists are oftentimes spotted swimming in the lake underneath the majestic falls that has reflections of the rainbows.
Takla Makan Desert Takla Makan Desert is found in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China and is known to be as the biggest desert with its tag name "Sea of Death".
Nu River Valley Nu River Valley is where you will find some of nature's breathtaking scenery and the Three Parallel Rivers
Hainan Island  Hainan Island dubbed as the Hawaii of China, a lot of foreigners and natives are surfing here.
Yangtze River  Yangtze River has a lot of attractions and sights. It winds through the cities and mountains and is perfect for romantic getaways.
Guilin Guilin is known for its incredible scenery like crystal clear waters, caves, and mountains.
Jiuzhaigou Sichuan  Jiuzhaigou Sichuan in Chinese meant Nine Village Valley and is best known for its colorful lakes and beautiful waters.
 Moganshan Hills  Moganshan Hills In here you will find bamboo trees and tea plantations where visitors can go cycling and mountain hiking.
Heaven Lake Heaven Lake from this volcanic lake, North Korea can easily be seen.
Western Sichuan's  Western Sichuan's Tibetan Towers were used as defensive structures and is one of China's well hidden secrets.
Zhangjiajie Hunan 1Zhangjiajie Hunan can be found in Hunan Province and is both historic and scenic in its own way.
Lijiang Yunnan  Lijiang Yunnan is southwest of China and has glaciers, high and low sea levels and mountain ranges that are just scenic. One example is the Jade Dragon Mountain.
Shanghai  Shanghai is China's largest city. Being the Paris of the East, the city is one of the modern capital cities in the world.
 Lhasa Tibet  Lhasa Tibet often mesmerizes its tourists because of its plateaus, hills and mountain Himalayas.
Victoria Peek  Victoria Peek situated in China's Hong Kong, is where people enjoy the view of Hong Kong through its steepest cable car.
Changbai Mountain's Heavenly Pool Changbai Mountain's Heavenly Pool is somewhere in the province of Jilin. It has a 68-meter falls, springs and lakes all over the area.
Hailuogou Icefall Hailuogou Icefall in the province of Sichuan is a natural wonder brought by its glaciers, hot springs and its Ice fall.
Weizhou Island  Weizhou Island is best known as the youngest volcanic island because of volcanic eruptions caused by submarines and diastrophism.
Beijing-Hangzhou Canal The Beijing-Hangzhou Canal is where tourists enjoy drifting.
Yinsugaiti Glacier Yinsugaiti Glacier is the place for mountaineering. Tagged as the largest glacier, it is located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Qinghai Province's Qinghai  Qinghai Province's Qinghai Lake is the largest inland salt lake. Its surroundings all make up one spectacular scene.
Zhalong Natural Reserve Zhalong Natural Reserve known for being the largest reserve when it comes to bird protection. Crane bird watching is a must in this place.
Sanya Coral Reef  Sanya Coral Reef in the province of Hainan is home of the only coral reef reserve.
Thousand Islets Thousand Islets Lake located in Zhejiang Province is the largest National Forest Park.
Wolong Natural Reserve Wolong Natural Reserve is the largest natural reserve made for the pandas.
Yushu  Yushu is the highest natural wetland and can be found in the Province of Qinghai.
Fuyu Earthquake The Fuyu Earthquake fault zone is caused by an earthquake and is preety much the largest rift zone.
Meili Mountain Mountain Meili Mountain Mountain Climbing is the perfect activity in this snowy mountain.
Tarim River Drifting  Tarim River Drifting down the longest inland river is one of the activities done here.
Zhoushan Islands Zhoushan Islands of East can be found in the province of Zhejiang and has the title of "the largest archipelago".
Xishuangbanna  Xishuangbanna is southwest of the province of Yunnan. Cross Country Orienteering is best done in here, the largest tropical forest.
House of Parliament  Brahmaputra Canyon under the name, the deepest canyon alongside its cultural ethnic groups is a must-see.
Brahmaputra Canyon Aiding Lake after the Dead Sea, Aiding Lake is the lowest lake in the world because of its flat and shallow waters.
Inner Mongolian Steppe Horseback riding  Inner Mongolian Steppe Horseback riding is one way to enjoy the panoramic view of the steppe.
Arjin Mountain National Natural Reserve Arjin Mountain National Natural Reserve has preserved a rich and cultural and natural ecosystem and is known as the largest natural reserve.
Rehai in Tengchong County Rehai in Tengchong County has the most hot springs, an ancient temple and majestic mountain scenery.
Cuandixia village Cuandixia village is home to the most cultural preserved ancient courtyard houses built during the Ming and Qing dynasty.
Song Zhuang Artist Village  Song Zhuang Artist Village in Beijing is where China's greatest and renowned artists can be found.
Qiantang River Bore Qiantang River Bore is home of the Bore Festival and the most violent tides.
Zhijin Caves Scenery Spot Venture Zhijin Caves Scenery Spot Venture into this place and you will find the the largest clustered caves.
Aoluguya Ewenki Village Aoluguya Ewenki Village one way to enjoy the bountiful nature of this place is to go hunting with the last hunting tribe and its villagers.
Naqu   Naqu has a unique culture and the place with the most frequent hail hits.
Mount Emei Mount Emei its unique charm and mountain scenes will leave you breathless. It is also the place that has the most rainy days.
Haotian Temple history Haotian Temple history has it that this place has an active volcano with the earliest records.
Fengsheng Village walk Fengsheng Village walk in this area and you will find out that this is the largest clinkstone zone.
Ertix River Ertix River is known to be as the only river that flows into the waters of the Arctic Ocean.
Qinhai-Tibet railway Qinhai-Tibet railway travelling by train is the only way to discover that this is the railway with the highest altitude.
Lhalu Wetland Lhalu Wetland is situated in Tibet's Autonomous Region. Bird watching is oftentimes done and enjoyed in the highest rural wetland in the world.
 Yabuli International Ski Resort Yabuli International Ski Resort is where ski athletes train and the biggest alpine skiing run in the world.
Beijing Beijing- Complete your tour in China's center for entertainment, politics and culture.