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Best Places to see

Best Places to see in Italy

Places to see Description
The Colosseum It is the greatest work of Roman engineering which was built in the first century AD.
 The Pantheon It is a place in which Victor Emmanuel II's tomb is located.
Leaning tower of Pisa It is a nice place to take a picture and have lunch with a lover.
 Ponte Vecchio This is a famous classical bridge in Florence.
. Sorrento It is a perfect place to purchase football jersey and have fun in pubs designed in English style.
The Blue Grotto The visitors can spend their time by swimming or motor boating in this cavern.
Bridge of Sighs This is a historical bridge connecting the Doge's palace with its prisons.
 Mount Vesuvius This is an active volcano in Europe.
The Spanish Steps This is a landmark with eighteenth century buildings
La Pieta It is a nice statue made by Michelangelo.
Umbria Hill Towns The characteristics of this place are medieval atmosphere, alleyways, and the stone arches.
 Lake Garda It is situated in northern Italy with pebble and sand beaches as its features.
Bomarzo Monster Park This park has statuary of mythological creatures.
Boboli Gardens These gardens have grottoes, fish ponds, and lawns for spending a sunny afternoon.
The Galileo Museum This is a science museum featured with relic of middle finger belonging to Galileo.
 Il Porcellino This is a market area with fountain and nice bronze sculpture.
 Piazza della Signoria This Florence's square has some wonderful statues made in the Renaissance era.
Piazza del Duomo This small square is occupied by cathedral complex such as Baptistery, Duomo, and Campanile.
Piazza della Repubblica This large space is surrounded by beautiful hotels and expensive cafes.
 Piazza Santa Croce This vast square is frequently a place for concerts, festivals, and rallies.
 Piazza Santissima Annunziata The statue of Grand Duke Ferdinand I is located in the center of this square.
Piazza Santo Spirito This place is well-known with its daily food market starting from 8 am till 2 pm.
Piazzale Michelangelo From this square, visitors can enjoy the city view.
Ferentillo's Mummy Museum This place has mummy exhibition. The mummies have already been preserved naturally.
Villa Torlonia Below this villa, visitors will find Jewish catacombs belonging to Rome.
Crypt of the Capuchin Monks Visitors will discover a church which is made of skeletons of the former friars.
Via Appia Antica It is a place where thousands of Romans were buried.
 The Vatican Necropolis This is a spooky place with tombs of popes such as St. Peter. This place is included as a holy city in Rome.
Museum of Purgatory This museum chronicles some examples of souls which are trapped in a space between hell and heaven.
The Monster House This is a palace boasting the demon face as a part of the fa├žade.
Fontana del Papa It is a place to study cooking while vacation.
La Spiga d'Oro It is a farm house surrounded by a nice private garden with olive trees, old trees, and vineyards.
Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais It contains 15 apartments with a swimming pool. The visitors can visit important places in Tuscan such as Siena and Volterra.
Il Colombaiolo The visitors can see the view of Pienze, countryside and beautiful small villages.
Sassi Hotels They are caves which have been renovated and have bathroom, internet, heating, and air conditioning. It is included as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
 Castle House It is a romantic place in which guest will be like a queen or a king.
Masseria Lodging This is located in working farms which produce wine and olive oil.
Etruscan Chocolate It is the first hotel featured with a restaurant with chocolate menu, chocolate store, etc.
Monastery Stays They offer unique experience about Italian culture with quite accommodation.
Art Monastery Project This old monastery is converted into a cheap breakfast and bed. Every shared room contains a small kitchen.
The Baptistery It is a historical building in Florence. Pavement of zodiac inside of this building is made of marble. Some mosaic can be found in this building as well.
Campanile It is a bell tower located in Piazza de Duomo.
Ponte Vecchio This is an old bridge across the Arno River.
Galleria degli Uffizi This is a place where collection of art in Renaissance period is displayed.
Galleria dell' Academia This place collects important sculptures and paintings made in 13th till 16th centuries.
Pitti Palace It is the largest palazzo in Florence. There are 8 galleries in this palace.
Zecci It is a place for those who want to collect wonderful marbled stationary.
Santa Croce Leather Workshop This is a place to purchase good leather items
Sardinia It is an island in Italy containing beautiful beaches and historic sight.
Cineteca It is a film library in Rimini. Visitors can watch Italian movies on Friday night