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Best Places to see

Best Places to see in Switzerland


Places to see Description
Lake Zurich LakeZurich,Zurich- It is a beautiful lake extending to the south east of the city,Zurich.
Jet d'Eau Jet d'Eau,Genevais one of the largest fountains in the world and being one of the most amazing landmarks and illuminating magnificently at night. It can be seen from anywhere in the city.
Mount Pilatus Mount Pilatus,Lucerne- giving the clear view ofLucerne, it is 7000 feet above and a very good place to visit in Switerland.
Clock Tower Clock Tower,Bern- it is a landmark tower and is among the most important and must be visited sights of Switzerland.
The JungfrauRegion The JungfrauRegion - this place is full of spectacular, never-ending sceneries, once gone there; you would love to stay there for the rest of your life.
Swiss National Park Swiss National Park, Zernez - it is the only national part, one of the most protected areas in Switzerland.
Bahnhofstrass Bahnhofstrass, Zurich - it is the main shopping street considered to be the most expensive, yet most enjoyable shopping place in the whole earth.
Geneva Geneva, the city - the city of Geneva is the third-largest city of Switerland, touching wonderfully the lake of Geneva. Zermatt, the municipality - having the population of 5,800 citizens, this place is one of its own kinds.
Lindt Chocolate Factory Tour to Lindt Chocolate Factory,Zurichis one of the best chocolate producers in Switerland. It is a very famous place among visitors and locals there.
Markets at Bern Markets at Bern-Old Streetmarkets reflecting the past and offering variety of things, they are the best markets. The Rhine Falls- they are the Europe's largest waterfalls and show the real natural beauty.
St. Gallen St. Gallen - once was a medieval centre, but it has now become a seventh largest city of the country. Attracting visitors from all over the globe, this place offers hundreds of architectures.
Interlaken Interlaken is a well-known place for tourists to visit. It is a big adventure park and time spent there is truly remarkable.
Bern A day in Bren - bet you will surely enjoy the day at Bren. It is a beautiful city loaded with historic old buildings. An evening walk is a must.
Piazzale Michelangelo Bergun - Surprisingly, you can sledge there down 6 kms. Isn't that amazing?
Grossmuml Grossmuml nester,Zurich- It is a church situated in the middle of the old town inZurich. It has the top most dominant twin towers in the city.
River Aare River Aare,Bern- wow! What a beauty it has got, take a bath there and enjoy!
Musegg Wall Musegg Wall,Lucerne- it has nine towers and going to each enters you in a totally different world. One must visit it!
Lake Geneva Lake Geneva,Geneva- its beauty increases ad you along the lake. Parks and grasses are there to further refresh the visitors.
House of Parliament House of Parliament,Bern- A majestic building with fountains all around it, try to get in there when it is open for public.
Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne. Lucerne- the visit toLucerneis not complete until you go to this marvelous place. And cruise there is just incredible.
Cath and eacute Cath and eacute; drale Saint-Pierre,Geneva- History and its reflections can be seen there. Take a complete tour of this place.
Lion Monument Lion Monument,Lucerne- The dying lion monument has got many symbolic elements, and visitors do not leave the city until they visit there.
Flower Clock Flower Clock.Geneva- it is a big, decorative clock situated in a flower bed in a park. Its mechanism is positioned underground.
Lindenh Lindenh of,Zurich- it is a pleasant place and has got many activities in there. Do not forget to take photos.
Old Town OldTown,Lucerne- St. Peter's chapel, water spikes & weir, River Reuss & tower & bridges are some of the most visited places there.
Boat trip on Lake of Geneva Boat trip on Lake of Geneva- the enjoyable boat trip is a great fun at the lake.
Uetliberg Uetliberg, Zurich- Don't miss this wonderful place. Long walk is half a fun to reach there. Enjoy the sunset.
Bear pit Bear pit.Bern- the old home of bears, this place is very appealing and beautiful.Chapel Bridge in Lucerne- Long, wooden bridge is an important sight of Luceren.
St.Morit  St.Morit - it is an expensive, but a very good place to visit, especially the night visit is adorable. The Matter horn in Zermatt - it is the most famous mountain peak inAlpsand hold immense beauty.
Fasnacht Spring Carnival Fasnacht Spring Carnival, atBasel- world famous carnival ending in three days invites people from all over the world. Chateau de Chillon.
Montreux Montreux - the town is a really beauty. Visiting there is just amazingly amazing.Zurich, the city - the city itself is a place to visit.
St. Gallen Library Thousands of attractions await you there,St.Gallen - it is great library, and a must place to visit.
Gruyeres Gruyeres - it is considered to be the most gorgeous village in the entire world.
Swiss Architecture museum Swiss architecture museum - it is a beautiful museum with enormous collection of things. Galerie Alex Schlesinger - it is an art gallery situated in Zurichand is a good place to go. Rut1i, Central Switerland- it is a symbolic place situated at meadows. The Zurich Contemporary Art Fair is the most awaited by the locals and visitors there